music-Art of g desiree fultz

collaborations, original music & ART and performance

Neptune is in and Uranus is on the cusp of my second house, so I'm drawn to all things 'creative & insightful' in my work environment. Neptune rules Psychics, Authors, Music, Photograhy, Film, etc. Uranus rules astrology, electricity, technology, and creative genius. So naturally, anything that falls into those creative realms will be heavily expressed in my careerpersonality. Here are some links to some music projects I've had fun with. More to come. I do gig out occasionally, but not often, so catch a show when you can! Before I became a professional psychic, I was a full time musician for over 7 years. Toured 11 states and played over 350 live shows with a couple of bands. Music is still in me, but more for fun now. And it's a great way to express my inner world.

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