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Official music video, produced by Where She Rules, and directed by G Desiree Fultz and Cherokee Turner. 

Wardrobe and props was a collaborative effort among band members.
Visit the band website for more.

I've done my fair share of collaboration with the popular YouTube channel, Zombie Go Boom. I appear as an extra in over a dozen episodes and my art can be seen in other episodes in wardrobe, make-up, and other behind-scenes tasks. More at ZGB TV.
In this 3DVR short film, I play several zombies throughout the film.

collaborations, original music & ART and performance

Neptune is in and Uranus is on the cusp of my second house, so I'm drawn to all things 'creative & insightful' in my work environment. Neptune rules Psychics, Authors, Music, Film, etc. Uranus rules astrology, electricity, technology, and creative genius. So naturally, anything that falls into those creative realms will be heavily expressed in my career personality. Here are some links to some music projects I've had fun with. More to come. I do gig out occasionally, but not often, so catch a show when you can! Before I became a professional psychic, I was a full time musician for over 7 years. Toured 11 states and played over 350 live shows with a couple of bands. Music is still in me, but more for fun now. And it's a great way to express my inner world.

DISCOGRAPHY (year of release, music project name, album name): 
1995 Puke Dasies: Empathy (cassette full album)
1996 Puke Daisies: Envy (cassette full album)
1997: Carbon Star: Crescent Smiles and Crooked Frowns (CD full album)
1998: Carbon Star: Mock Sessions (CD full album)
2000: Carbon Star: A Few Drops (CD EP)
2001: Pointy Teeth: Cinema Tech (CD Diva Nation Records)
2001: Notes From Thee Real Underground: Various Artists (CD Box Set Invisible Records)
2017: Knut ft Vivian Hax: Warrior remix (Single)
2017: LennBrih ft Vivian Hax: Behind the Moon (Single)
2017: Teknatronik ft Vivian Hax: Get Going (Single)
2017: BRHSM ft Vivian Hax: I want You (Single)
2017: DJ Silverado ft Vivian Hax: Warrior remix (Single)
2019: SCALES ft G Desiree Fultz: So Real, Justu (EP, Single)
2019: WHERE SHE RULES: Sovereign (Single)


(Pronounced like Archive)

Progressive Musick 4D Masses.
Voice/Bass/Guitar: G Desiree Fultz
Voice/Upright Bass: Amanda Cunningham
Drums: Logan Linning
Synth: Matt Birge

Recording artists from 4 different states, joining forces to make new sounds that lift the spirits.

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