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As above, so below.  You are made of the stars. You are a part of the larger heavenly body, and part of its consciousness. There is a set of symbols and measurements that can be cast to discover the occult meaning of your life and purpose. This is the metaphysical science of astrology. The coding of 'the matrix' is complex, but I happen to speak its language and can I can see the message hidden in code. 

My readings are direct, non-judgmental, scholarly, and compassionate. My certification in NLP and Life Coaching, combined with my knowledge of astrology, can crack the code! I tap into skills that are genetic, from past lives, and developed in disciplined metaphysical, arcane, and mystery schools. I hold several degrees and certificates and currently a PhD Student with a focus on Metaphysical Parapsychology. 

The coaching that comes with consultation is professional and results-driven. You won't just get a reading, you'll get effective, honest, and professional advice that will empower, motivate, and evolve your soul. 

Sidereal '13 Sign' Esoteric Astrology: Natal chart 

Explore your highest potentials, discover your hidden gifts, navigate through life's challenges empowered with self-knowledge.
Know thyself! Includes past-life and karmic soul purpose, relationship dynamics, career potentials, how to overcome weaknesses and challenges by using the star map as a guide. The universe ALWAYS provides a way for you to overcome the pitfalls of life. Be empowered with a GPS for your life and start accessing your secret super powers to get the very best out of your journey. Understand why you are the way you are and embrace self-acceptance as you begin to understand your divine design. 

Predictive Astrology: Solar Return

Curious about the future? Every year the sun returns to its natal position. This is called a solar return. At the exact moment of your birth, a new set of circumstances and potentials for the year appear in the stars for your benefit. This is often called a progressed chart. Current transits are compared to your natal placements and an accurate prediction of life's circumstances for the year comes into view. The universe never leaves you without clues to make the best of this life! Astrology is complex system of divination based on scientific astronomy, and it is empowering to undertand what energies you'll be dealing with for the coming year. 

Horary Readings

Got a burning question on your mind? Need a SPECIFIC answer? A horary chart is cast based on the 'birth' of the question. Your mind is incredibly intuitive, whether you know it or not. Glimpses of unseen details can often be spotted in the stars at the very moment you feel a burning question. Write down the location you were, the time and a specific question based on that burning need to know. A chart will be cast to reflect the moment you were feeling something you need more clarity on. Perhaps we can discover what you are feeling and reveal hidden answers to questions like:
Where is my lost item? Am I going to get the job? Is my partner cheating? Will I win the court case? Where is my hidden enemy? Should I invest now or wait? And more!

workshops & seminars

Check the events page for opportunities to meet me at a show, or dates and locations for up and coming workshops and seminars.
I teach astrology & divination workshops, speak at motivational events, and participate in professional panels/discussions.

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to cast a natal chart you'll need:

GPS latitude/longitude coordinates can be found on a search engine. 

It's important that you make sure all of your information is correct when you cast your chart. The birth time being off can really make a difference in chart accuracy- especially in reguard to moon placement.

'What if I don't know my birth time?'

If your parents do not know your exact birth time, it's normally recorded on the birth certificate or hospital records. Make an effort to get that time! It matters! Perhaps the only thing you have to go on is mom's fuzzy recollection, "I think you were born just before lunchtime." At least that information gets us within a couple hours.
Otherwise, run the chart with the sun as the ascendant and click on "I don't know my birth time" for a general chart to be cast.




I offer a variety of cartomancy readings. Major Arcana, Oracle Cards, Single Card readings, past/present/future readings, celtic spreads etc
The decks I read from are of my own design which gives me a deeper intuitive connection to their message. 

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